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Fantastic Product

I purchased this for my 10 year old grandson for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. I do regret not purchasing the other one with more storage.
Wendy Douglas


Absolutely love it, use it everyday. Wish I purchased the 64GB, having said that, I'm not complaining, easy to setup & use. Highly recommend.
Tech Buff


Not having been experienced with VR before, I thought it was spectacular for a reasonably low priced headset. Being suspended over what appears to be part of the Grand Canyon I did need to sit down in a swivel chair to enjoy the 360 degree view, as my knees buckled while trying the stand and turn. How many recharges the battery will handle remains to be seen, and I'm not sure about replacement, but it's definitely a good piece of technology. Love the video formats "Moonscape" "Theatre" "Home Theatre", and the screen size on "Theatre" is awesome.
raghu sreenivasan

Awesome affordable VR device.

At last we have a very affordable and awesome VR device. The glimpse of the future is now here. This will take your breath away. Worth every penny. I love it.
Ross Hutchinson

Great entry into VR

Easy to set up and navigate around. Could highly recommend Oculus Go for anyone who wants to sample what VR has to offer without paying a fortune.
Sadhurshan G

Great Starter VR headset

A great way to start getting into the VR scene without spending too much. Also a good option for those on a lower budget. A good alternative to the Quest with all the must-have features.

Spot on

Fast delivery and perfect as described

Amazing Oculars Go

The Oculus Go offers a cordless, all-in-one VR Oculus also added integrated speakers and microphones into the design, along with a stunning high-resolution fast-switch panel that cuts down on motion blur and ramps up the color and detail. Overall, the Oculus Go is pretty comfortable. Overall, the Oculus Go is an exciting look into the evolving future of VR that you won't have to pay a high price to experience.
jess l lawrence


Gladys Mendoza



Take vr on the go

Best purchase of 2018

Fantastic VR experience for a great price

Fantastic VR experience. Great quality, easy to setup and use. Love being untethered from the PC and hundreds of times better than using your phone

Easy setup, comfortable headset, standalone device

Overall very happy with the Oculus Go. The Oculus Go is easy to set up. The picture quality is fairly good and the built-in speakers are actually quite good but you can also connect headphones (using the 3.5mm audio plug). The hand controller also works quite well and there are some fun free games you can download to get started. I really like that the headset is standalone so I don't need to have it connected to a phone or computer, and can take it anywhere as it is. The headset itself is fairly light and very comfortable, unlike many other headsets. However, it does get a little hot and sweaty when hearing the headset for a while but I have experienced that with most other brand headsets I've used too. I think the Oculus Go is a pretty good deal for the price. Overall very happy with the Oculus Go. I'm also looking forward to using Unity to create a game or VR experience.
Amazon Customer

Exactly what we needed!

This is a surprisingly good product for the price.
Tony G

Love it

im very happy with it, very easy to setup easy to put your movies in, viewing is great can wear with your glasses which i do overall i am very happy with this purchase
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