Oculus Go – Bigger, Brighter and More Beautiful

The design of the Oculus Go has accounted for every aspect of the gaming experience, whether it is audio, visuals, movements, feel or aesthetics. This stand-alone headset is bursting with a range of features designed specifically so that you can watch and experience entertainment in a way which you have never done before.

Effortless, Convenient and Portable

Oculus Go is our all-in-one VR headset that’s portable and easy to use. Experience entertainment on the go with no PC, wires or hassles.
Oculus Go | All-In-One VR
Oculus Go | Innovative Lenses

The littlest, big
A Personal Theatre

High-performing, quality and innovative lenses bring virtual experiences to life with stunning details and breathtaking colours. The visuals are of outstanding clarity, enhanced by crystal-clear optics and optimized 3D graphics. Although the Oculus Go is small enough to hold in your hands, this powerful piece of technology will provide you with a memorable and full-scale cinematic experience.

Designed to Disappear

Ergonomic designs incorporated into the Oculus Go include breathable fabrics alongside injection foam moulding, creating a lightweight system ensuring that you are in the utmost comfort, even following extended periods of use. Soft, adjustable straps securely hold the headset in place, the gentle fit meaning that you barely notice their presence.
Oculus Go | Ergonomic Design
Oculus Go | Built-In Audio

Surrounded by Sound

Cinematic visuals have to be accompanied by cinematic audio in order to truly appreciate VR, which is why spatial-audio drivers are built into the headset itself. You can enjoy the gaming experience on a range of sensory perceptions, without the need for tethered or cumbersome additional hardware such as headphones. With high-quality sound, the immersive experience of VR is complete.
What's Inside

Everything you need to enter VR.

Oculus Go | VR Headset
VR Headset
Ready to go - no wires
to attach or PC required.
Oculus Go | Controller
Easy to use. Easy to take with you. AA battery included.
Oculus Go | Micro USB Cable
Micro USB Cable
Charging requires a 10W USB power adapter (not included).
Oculus Go | Eyeglass Spacer
Eyeglass Spacer
Simply insert or remove
for your preferred fit.

Effortless Control

Whether you are browsing through your favourite seasons or embarking on a treacherous journey to a far-off land, this intuitive controller will translate your hands and gestures into VR with an effortless fluidity, and you will soon feel as if this controller is a seamless extension of your movements.
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